iTarget allows you to practice target shooting with your actual firearm using a Laser Bullet, a Phone App, and the iTarget Sled

iTarget is Safe, Fun and Affordable

how it works

The Phone is placed into the iTarget sled, with its camera pointed at the shooting target. The App monitors the target for hits from a Laser Bullet and maps the hits onto the Phone's display - showing you precisely where you shot the target.

Laser Bullets

The Laser Bullets are designed without a rim, so they are not ejected by the firearm. When you are done practicing, you can remove the Laser Bullet by pushing it out with a pencil. They function like snap caps and are harmless to the weapon. The hardened rubber back absorbs the impact from the firing pin. The Laser Bullets are available in the following calibers:

(9mm) (.45 ACP) (40 S&W) (38 Special) and (.223)


iTarget Sled

The iTarget Sled is designed to fit any size smart phone. The sled is adjustable so you can adjust the target's distance and lateral movement in order for the phone to be able to "see" the entire target image. The sled is also designed to passively amplify the phone's speaker so the gun shot sound can be heard from a distance.

The Sled ships with 3 targets, one for each of the upcoming Apps. The targets have a dual paper design which allows the Laser to be seen in most lighting environments.

The iTarget Apps


You shoot at a standard scoring Target. The App keeps score and you can save and share your shooting sessions.


When the App says draw, it starts a timer. Your time is placed under each shot so you can see how accurate and quick you were to the draw..


There are five numbered circles. You have 2 seconds to shoot the number that the App calls out.

iTarget Apps